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1150 Station Street, Floor 1, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6A 4C7
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Anne-Julie Morand B.Sc (Neuropsychology), D.O.

Anne-Julie Morand has been an International speaker in both Neurosciences applied to Osteopathy and in Obstetrics at multiple symposiums and international schools since 2011 (Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, St-Petersberg (Russia), London (UK), Bayern (Germany), Paris & Nice (France)).
Additionally, Anne-Julie is an Instructor at the Osteopathic Schools in Montreal (CEOM), Vancouver (CSO) and Halifax where she has also been the Research and Essay Director and Clinical Supervisor since 2009. Anne-Julie graduated from the CEOM in 2009. Her Thesis was on Perceived Stress, the HPA Axis and Caregivers-2009. She also holds her Osteopathic B.Sc.(B.Sc Hons with First Class Honors, Wales University (2006), and Neuropsychology B.Sc from McGill University (2002). Anne-Julie is successfully combining her passion for the Neurosciences, the Body-Mind Autoregulation and the Health Process through the preventive aspects of Osteopathy. She is appreciated for her pedagogy and generosity in teaching and treating.